Évènement : Évènement à Vannes en mai 1643
Identifiant : HISCOD_19251
Date :

Année : 1643

Mois : Mai

Jour : -

Jour de la semaine : -

Localisation :

Lieu historique : Vannes

Lieu : Vannes

Code commune : 56260

Latitude : 47.6583604765459

Longitude : -2.76048466738756

Unités administratives historiques :

Entité politique : Royaume de France

Entité administrative : Rennes

Sous-entité administrative : Vannes

Unités administratives :

Pays : France

Entité administrative : Bretagne

Sous-entité administrative : Morbihan

Caractéristiques :

Typologie HiSCoD : Émeute de subsistance

Typologie originale : -

Nombre de participants : IndéterminéParticipation féminine : Indéterminé

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Description (anglais) : 'Take, for example, the demands of a crowd in Vannes, Brittany, in May 1643. Grain was scarce that year, and exports had been banned by an arret of the Parlement. On 18 May, however, a new arret reversed the ruling and permitted export of grain by water. Rapid shifts of policy which had the appearance of self-interest were suspect in the eyes of the community. The Parlement was far away in Rennes and there was suspicion that this about-face had been obtained through the intervention of interested parties. When Leguinio, a judicial crier, proclaimed this second arret in the port where ships were loading grain, he was immediately chased away by an angry crowd. When he returned with La Riviere, president in the presidial court, the highest judicial authority in the city, the two men encountered 'a very large collection of people armed with clubs, rocks, hatchets and other tools' surrounding the house of Alexandre Bigot, nicknamed Villiers. As they approached the house, people from the crowd complained to them 'that grain was being loaded contrary to the [recent] prohibition, to the prejudice of the needs of the public which were so great, several of them said, that for the last eight days they had only been able to feed their children animal fodder and vegetables without a single piece of bread'.


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Bibliographie : Beik, William (1997). Urban Protest in Seventeenth-Century France: The Culture of Retribution. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. 300 [pp. 52-54].


Auteur(s) : Cédric Chambru, Paul Maneuvrier-Hervieu

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Date d'édition : 2022-04-19