Évènement : Évènement à Châlons-en-Champagne le 19 juin 1641
Identifiant : HISCOD_19199
Date :

Année : 1641

Mois : Juin

Jour : 19

Jour de la semaine : Mercredi

Localisation :

Lieu historique : Châlons-en-Champagne

Lieu : Châlons-en-Champagne

Code commune : 51108

Latitude : 48.9566529

Longitude : 4.3624403

Unités administratives historiques :

Entité politique : Royaume de France

Entité administrative : Châlons

Sous-entité administrative : Châlons

Unités administratives :

Pays : France

Entité administrative : Grand Est

Sous-entité administrative : Marne

Caractéristiques :

Typologie HiSCoD : Émeute fiscale

Typologie originale : -

Nombre de participants : IndéterminéParticipation féminine : Indéterminé

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Description (anglais) : In Châlons, a crowd of 'children' besieged the agents of the droit de subvention tax. They threw rocks at the doors and windows, broke into the building and damaged several pieces of furniture. The response of the magistrates was interesting. Far from being outraged, they clearly sympathized with the protesters On 19 July, they again insisted that the royal council was misinformed: there had been no sedition, just 'a mild commotion of children. The leader was a man, named Pierre Lenoir. This was a clear case of 'parallel' action. Citizens and authorities were united in opposing a novel imposition that served neither, but their tactics were different. The magistrates fought a running legal battle of delays, appeals and arrangements for substitute payments. The population, meanwhile, exerted pressure by muttering and intimidating.


Sources primaires : -

Bibliographie : Beik, William (1990). ‘The Culture of Protest in Seventeenth-Century French Towns’. Social History, 15(1), pp. 1-23 [10.1080/03071029008567754].


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