2000 Years of History

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Bibliographical Orientation

Here, we propose just a selection of an extremely rich and scattered bibliography of historical sources. Wolves were widespread and appear everywhere in archives and libraries, including in unexpected places. Without even going into the endless corpus of literature and fiction, the history of relationships between man and wolf affects many fields. As well as strictly historical works, there are contributions from specialists on hunting, water and forest administration, legal history, veterinary sciences, medicine, animal biology, and historical ecology. We present the reader with the main contributions that have inspired and fed this data corpus on the history of men and wolves: there are almost 700.

 The resulting orientation privileges publications on the French territory, whilst leaving a window open onto the rest of Europe. There are three types of bibliographical references: countless articles published by local or regional scientific organizations which often rely on first-hand sources, diverse university works (theses and dissertations at various levels) in the social and life sciences, and reference works for either specialists or the general public. Built up over several centuries, the following set of references shows the relevance of certain unfairly forgotten or plagiarized publications.

In order to facilitate navigation and identification, we have listed them in alphabetical order. The works important for our purposes appear in bold text. University works are preceded by an asterisk, and theses are underlined.

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